Dental Crown Alternatives

Even though a dental crown is an effective means of addressing serious dental problems, Dr. Kristine Marshall prefers taking a conservative approach to dental care. By maintaining as much existing tooth structure as possible, patients actually experience better dental health in the long run. It’s for this reason that we always consider alternatives to dental crowns at our Clearwater practice.

Why We Take a Conservative Approach to Dental Care

While many people who have severe tooth decay or dental damage are good candidates for dental crowns, we prefer to consider other treatment options first. When prepping a tooth for a dental crown, a fair amount of natural tooth structure is removed. Ideally a patient should have as much natural tooth structure in place when undergoing a dental treatment. So long as a more conservative treatment can be performed safely and effectively, it is always going to be the better option for the patient.

Inlays and Onlays

In general, inlays and onlays are the most common alternative treatment to dental crowns. During your visit to our Clearwater dental care center, Dr. Marshall will determine if they are the best option for your needs. Essentially, inlays and onlays are like dental fillings, but they are designed to restore a more substantial portion of your tooth structure, such as the cusps (the biting surfaces of your teeth).

Total Dental Health and Overall Wellness

This conservative approach to dental care is part of our commitment to the lasting dental health and wellness of our patients. We believe that prevention is the best treatment, and Dr. Marshall always informs her patients how to best care for their teeth. This means more than just basic dental hygiene. She will also mention dietary concerns, general health matters, and other relevant topics. All of this will contribute to the long-term beauty of your smile as well as the overall quality of your health.

Learn More About Dental Crowns and Other Options in Clearwater

By taking a conservative approach to dentistry, we serve our patients’ best interests. In the end, aesthetics is just one facet of our mission, which is lasting dental health and total patient wellness. To learn more about dental crowns and alternative treatments, contact our Clearwater dentistry practice today. Dr. Marshall and the team are here for you to answer questions and address concerns.

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