About Invisalign ® Benefits Compared to Traditional Braces

Invisalign® is truly a unique orthodontic system that provides patients with many benefits, when compared to the traditional orthodontic systems used to straighten the teeth.  Learn about Invisalign benefits that include:

Virtually Invisible BPA-Free Plastic Aligners – Patients that are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment because of the look and feel of traditional braces, will rest assured knowing that the clear, BPA-free plastic aligners used to straighten the teeth are virtually invisible to their friends, family, and coworkers.  Invisalign® aligners are made from a smooth, durable, and clear BPA-free plastic material that is not only invisible on the teeth, but also very comfortable to wear.  Traditional braces are bulky and have rough attachments that often cause sores in the mouth.  Invisalign® aligners are lightweight and ultra-smooth, causing little to no irritation to the delicate gum tissues.

Invisalign® Aligners are Removable – Invisalign® aligners are easily removed from your mouth at any time.  Why is this an advantage?  Traditional braces are bonded to each tooth in the mouth and metal bands are cemented to the molars.  Next, wires are placed onto each bracket and tied into the bracket with a plastic ligature.  The brackets, bands, and wires remain on the teeth for the duration of the treatment, generally for one to two years.

The advantages of the Removable Invisalign® Aligner Include:

  • Eat any type of food you want, because eating is done without the aligner in your mouth.  Patients that have conventional brackets are restricted to eating only soft foods, and they are unable to bite into foods such as apples, chicken wings, and corn on the cob.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth is simple after removing the aligner, when compared to brushing with brackets, bands, and wires in the way
  • Teeth are less likely to trap plaque and tartar during treatment.  Conventional braces have been known to cause decalcification stains on the teeth and increase the risk of cavities during treatment time
  • Patients that play sports or a musical instrument are able to continue to participate in the they activities they enjoy
  • Patients that have a special occasion during their treatment time have the option to remove their aligners for important photos and during the event.

Conventional braces are not easily removed.  It takes roughly 1 to 2 hours to remove the braces, and then another 1 to 2 hours to replace them.  Only your orthodontist can replace the braces once they have been removed, so it is necessary to scheduling an appointment to have them replaced as soon as possible.  It may take a few days before you can have the braces replaced and during the time in which your teeth are “bare” they will move out of the position they were once in.  This relapse can set your treatment time back as far a one month, adding to the length of time necessary to correct your teeth.  Also, there is often an additional charge to remove and replace the brackets, which is expensive for only one day off, during a special occasion.

With the Invisalign® system, you are able to remove and replace the aligner anytime you want.  You have the freedom to remove the aligner immediately before the event, and then replace the aligner immediately after the event.  This greatly reduced the chance of having any major relapse of the teeth.

  • Invisalign® Aligners are Easy to Care for – The clear plastic aligners used to move your teeth are easily cared for.  Conventional braces are bonded to the teeth, and are not removable by the patient.  Cleaning conventional braces is very difficult, because they have many attachments that trap food and bacteria.  When this food and bacteria sits near your teeth, the risk for tooth decay increases.

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