Dental Care in Clearwater, FL

At Feather Sound Smiles, we’re proud to offer a range of dental services that allow you to achieve and maintain beautiful teeth and a healthy smile. Our Clearwater dental office provides treatments that range from smile-enhancing cosmetic procedures, to comprehensive restorations that help you build a whole new look and renew your dental health. If you have questions about any of our dental treatments, please feel free to contact our Clearwater office for more information.

Creating Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

Dr. Daoud and the rest of our Clearwater dental team are proud to offer treatments that restore and replace teeth, make teeth straighter, repair signs of decay, and even make teeth look whiter and brighter. Our cosmetic and restorative treatments include sturdy dental implants, same-day teeth whitening, and discreet clear braces from Invisalign®.

Maintaining Excellent Oral Health for Life

Part of a great oral health plan involves taking care of your teeth at home and keeping regular dental appointments. Dr. Daoud teaches patients the best ways to keep their teeth clean and healthy between visits to his dental office. He also uses high-tech treatment aids during check-ups, such as intra-oral cameras, to show patients how healthy their teeth are and what areas could use improvement.

Cosmetic Bonding

We Make Your Dental Health Our Priority

By visiting Feather Sound Smiles twice a year for routine dental maintenance, Dr. Daoud is able to keep tabs on your overall oral health, prevent the development of serious dental problems, and recommend the best treatment for your long-term health goals. Making your dental health a priority allows you to enjoy a beautiful smile for years.

We Build Your Smile for a Better You

We help you build your smile on a foundation of healthy supportive tissue by offering laser dentistry for gum disease treatment and management. With a dental laser, we can more effectively kill harmful bacteria below the gum line, treat tooth infections, repair tooth decay, and help your teeth remain strong and stable.

Give Yourself Another Reason to Smile

Better Smile, Better You.

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