Cosmetic Dentistry

A great-looking smile is a smile that's clean, healthy, and free from unsighly stains! Among cosmetic dentistry procesures that we provide are some of the most effective and popular dental treatment options available today. From porcelain veneers to dental crowns and teeth whitening, Dr. Kristine Marshall is prepared to address any form of cosmetic dental treatment.

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General Dental Care

While we deal with major dental problems all the time, we also offer patients the best in general dental care. At the Clearwater practice of Dr. Kristine Marshall, we always strive to ensure that the health and appearance of each patient is addressed, no matter the problem and no matter the patient’s age. With preventative treatments available as well as advanced therapies and the ability to address dental emergencies, you can rest assured that Dr. Kristine Marshall can meet the diverse needs of your entire family.

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Restorative Dentistry

Serious dental problems do more than just affect the appearance of your smile. Major chips, cracks, and decay can all lead to pain, discomfort, and poor dental health. That’s why so many patients visit Dr. Marshall’s Clearwater practice for restorative dentistry. These treatments can improve the appearance of your smile as well as enhance your dental health. Let’s take a brief look at these restorative dentistry procedures so you understand how they can help you.

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Financing Options

At Kristine Marshall, DDS, we understand that the cost of dentistry can sometimes be overwhelming. Finances should not prevent you from obtaining the dental treatments that are necessary in order to achieve healthy teeth and gums. Our team of office administrators is here to help you understand your dental insurance plan and teach you ways to maximize your plan from year-to-year.

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Cosmetic injectables are a versatile and safe solution for cosmetic improvements

Unlike expensive plastic surgery, these injections are safe and easy to get. If you're considering getting injectables, but want more information, please contact our Clearwater cosmetic injectables practice. Dr. Kristine Marshall and her team are here to address any concerns, and schedule a consultation.
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